Alexis Johnson, Mrs. Nevada

“Helping you find a place to call home is not only my duty it's my Passion!”

Alexis Johnson is more than just another real estate face. The social butterfly is an unforgettable face in the Las Vegas real estate scene, with connections all over the globe. Mrs. Johnson loves people and she loves real estate and that passion is evident from the first moment you speak to her.

She builds her life around real estate, constantly learning and staying up to date on trends in the market and related industry news. She also intertwines real estate with her life, often bringing her children with her to knock on doors, or to help putting up signs and other marketing material. Because family is so important to her, she also understands how important your family is to you and that choosing your home, or finding the right person to buy your home, is just one more part of that.

It's about more than just houses; it’s about people and family.

Having a flair and zest for life, her passion to see people achieve their dream of homeownership, stems from her recollection of growing up in a broken family. Raised by a single father who had his share of health challenges, Alexis has always carried the kind of gratitude that takes difficulties and transforms them into triumphs. Her very first real estate deal was a divorced couple of eight years, who sought her assistance in purchasing a new residential property to begin their reconciliation. Coining it as her "Aha Moment", Alexis realized that her interests were more than occupational, but a semblance of a higher calling.