Debbie Bomford – Mrs. Florida

Your Mrs. Florida is a wife, mom, nurse practitioner, and advocate.

Debbie Bomford married her soul mate Malcom 26 years ago. She has two children Sean (21) and Shelby  (18). When she took on the task of being the foster mom to Danny Claro (21), she replied "When It Comes To Love- The More The Merrier".

Mrs. Florida is a mentor and resource for the children at Place of Hope Foster Care Organization.  As an advocate she helps to raise money and awareness by asking for material donations that satisfy each foster families wish list. Items donated not on the wish list are then donated to the Treasures for Hope donation center, a non for profit consignment store founded by Place of Hope.  Debbie has also found comfort in raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research center because she attests the survival of her son to the treatment given to him at this facility. He battled stage four cancer for two years and now celebrates being three years’ cancer free.

Debbie is a genuine person who daily assists real people with real problems. She held back entering pageants till recently because she is now at a place where she can devote her time and energies to enhance the Mrs. Florida title and create a legacy for others to follow. In the public's heart and minds you must win your crown every day.

Her first rule as a mom and now Mrs. Florida is to set the example. She hopes that her track record will be eclipsed now that she has the power of the crown behind her.

Debbie is both proud and humbled to represent the married women of Florida.