Lindsie Price

While growing up on a farm in Arizona, Lindsie found her love for animals. She went into the animal field to become a Veterinary Nurse. She is continuing her education. Lindsie has played many sports throughout her life, swim, track, basketball, and volleyball. Participating in these built her character, self discipline, and most importantly, her ability to work well with others.

Lindsie faced the journey of going through In vitro fertilization. This was a hard and soul defining experience that led to her three greatest blessings, her children. This was the greatest moment of her life! Shortly after, she was faced with being a single mother. This was challenging and hard at times. She faced adversity, pain and doubt, but she gained strength knowing that her children were watching. She then married the most amazing man, her husband, Taylor Price. He brought with him, two sons.

Lindsie is proud to represent her state as Mrs. Arizona. This opportunity has opened doors for her to continue working on her passion of feeding the hungry and helping those in need. With charity in her heart and compassion for others she will accomplish these goals. In life she hopes to be remembered as a strong and loving mother who had the courage to conquer her fears and turn them into beautiful opportunities.